Lead Teacher (GR1)

Job Description:
Overview The Lead Teacher is to oversee the general welfare, health and safety of all the children in the classroom.
Reports To: Program Center Director Hour Requirements: 35-40 hours per week Responsibilities Essential Classroom Functions include but are not limited to: Staff Arrange for substitute teachers in the event of an absence Attend monthly staff meetings Assist in training assistant teachers, as instructed by Program Center Director Assist teachers in the classroom whenever necessary Treat all staff members professionally and fairly To professionally discuss the developmental progress of each child with other staff members To assist in making "Sunshine Calls" when needed To assist in responsibilities of touring potential parent(s) when needed To assist in responsibilities of orientating new staff members when needed Children To plan, execute and participate in age appropriate activities for the social-emotional, physical, cognitive and nutritional development of children Provide children of both sexes the equal opportunities to take part in all activities Help children deal with anger, sadness and frustration by comforting, identifying feelings and helping children us words to solve their problems Mirror the behavior you expect, using manners and positive language To provide a sanitary environment - this includes washing children's hands (or assisting them) before/after meals and before/after diaper changes and/or toileting Maintain primary caregiver role for children under the age of three Checking diapers every hour and changing diapers as needed Holding, rocking, picking-up, carrying and playing with children at their level, which may include sitting/movement on the floor To maintain simple daily reports and attendance records Head count sheets must be completed accurately on a daily basis Provide (Infant & Toddler) parents with daily forms Accreditation To be aware of what Accreditation is and your role to support the center's effort on obtaining and maintaining the honorary credential Parents To professionally discuss the developmental progress of each child To prepare for and conduct semi-annual parent-teacher conferences Discuss and review Creative Curriculum Assessments Discuss and review child's progress and areas that may need improvement To be available for parents' concerns, questions and comments To attend activity nights and parent functions To assist with parent phone calls when necessary (injuries, sick calls, follow-up calls, Sunshine calls) To know and promote the We Care Program General Administration Documentation importance includes using first/last names of all involved, the month, day and year and your full name and signature To participate in recommended training programs, courses and other aspects of professional growth To open and/or close if responsibility is assigned by the Program Center Director To alert the Program Center Director of any concerns that may arise To carry out emergency procedures and drills To work cooperatively with other staff members and parents To assume an equal share of daily housekeeping duties This includes daily cleaning of toys (multiple times throughout day if necessary), sweeping/mopping floors, wiping tables, vacuuming, bathroom duties, cleaning inside/top of cubbies, removal of trash, replacing trash bags, overall classroom cleanliness To think quickly and act appropriately in emergency situations To functioning under intense time pressure Putting in extra hours if needed Includes staying later than shift ends for ratio situations, late parent pick-ups and/or emergencies Adapting to change Understand you will wear many hats throughout the day - patience, flexibility and understanding is required when working with children and while in the employ of RCCC General Essential Kitchen Functions: Adhere to Federal Food Program (if your center participates) policies and procedures regarding food service, sanitation and record keeping requirements.
This includes but is not limited to taking meal attendance at point of service, making sure minimum serving size requirements of food and milk are served, keeping accurate records and organized filing of such records.
Maintain safe and sanitary environment - Maintain orderliness and cleanliness of kitchen and workspace at all times Inventory supplies and submit timely requests for supplies and food within pre-determined budget and timeframe given Unpack food order, write date received on food items and rotate accordingly - using oldest date first (canned, frozen, dry, and liquid) Follow menu provided by RCCC - make appropriate substitutions when necessary, ensure substitutions are nutritious Wash hands before and after restroom use and prior to and after food prep Use fresh bleach solution daily Use RCCC sanitizing guideline on daily basis Assist in training teachers in cook capacity, as instructed by

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